Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pastor Seminars 2013

Monday is the first day of our 2013 pastor seminars in Pays-Pourri. This year we are expecting 185 leaders to attend between two locations. The first seminar will be the 9th through the 12th in the village of Robia and the second seminar will be the 16th-19th in the village of Badi.
Please pray for the hearts of all the leaders attending. That they would be inspired to a deeper walk with God as they lead God's church in Pays-Pourri.

Please pray for our speakers:
Michael Martin- Sanctification
Desire Merzantan- The life of a Leader
Emanuel Schrock- Justification through Faith
Rodney Sprenkel-Relationships of a Leader
Jeams Auguste- Translator

And that God's name would be glorified!

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  1. Praying for everybody involved in making such a huge important event happen whether it be speakers or the individuals coming that thirst after God's word. May God's name be glorified & honored!