Friday, November 22, 2013


No I'm not in Haiti anymore but - yes I am. I guess this post is far over due but to ignore it would be negligent and misleading. so for those not in the know already now you know.
After 3.5 years of working together at IFM Julia Bauman And I started dating as of July. And because living in the same house while dating is not exactly healthy and due to mission policies I left Haiti and went back to Virginia in August. 

Of course all of those that know me well will remind me of all the times I dissed Canada but yes she is Canadian. And of all places, I took my first trip the Great Formidable White-North last week. I have to admit Canada is very Beautiful, very European and very Cultured but of the very small part that I saw it is a wonderful place, not to mention 'Tim Horton's' :-)
I am no longer "staff" at IFM though I have come back down for 6 weeks to prepare for and facilitate our pastor training seminars here in Dec. Please pray as we prepare for these seminars and pray for the leaders attending!! That their hearts would be fixed on our Lord and Christ and that their mind would be rooted in the knowledge and precepts of our Savior. But most of all that seeds of living faith would grow in their lives to produce disciples of Christ.


  1. FINALLY!!!! A POST! :) I was just online and hollered to mom, "You know Shea needs to post on his blog..." as I pulled it up and saw a new post. :) Love you man!


  2. Yay, thanks for sharing! I've been WAITING to see a pic of you two.

    Also, many prayers for the seminar and God bless you as you prepare.

  3. Well if the only way we get to read your wise words is if we comment then here goes! :) I am glad you are eating your words about Canada. :) You have gained a beautiful woman in your life! Blessings, I will be praying for you both as you seek the Lord's direction.
    - Sarah