Thursday, February 14, 2013

The context of the mind

In many ways the heart is captive to the mind. What one allows them self to believe is a possibility they will then make a reality. But that which is deemed impossible or false is not even entertained. The mind is like a child going from one thing to the next without realizing the long term reality of its dreams.
Often what we call maturity is simply learning to restrain the mind in an organized and calculated fashion. This also is when the mind is put into context of what it knows is truth. A child’s mind is not yet contextualized. If the world is round then the mind works within a completely different context than if it were flat or even a cube? If the world is controlled by evil spirits then your thought on power and authority are much different than if it is ruled by one sovereign God.
Does maturity stifle creativity? In presenting the gospel how do we infiltrate the truth into the context of falsehood or misinterpretation? And at what point is it most critical to contextualize the mind to the truth of God’s word?
 Essentially the mind must be set in the context of God’s word in order for the heart to be for God.