Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seminè Pastè

The month of December has arrived and we have two pastor training seminars planned. Both are in the mountains of Peyi-Pouri.
We now have a team of four teachers and two translators:
  • Andrew Eversole: IFM field staff - Basic Christian Theology
  • Ric Gullman: Pastor of “Morning View Mennonite” in VA - Christian Leadership
  • Michael Martin: IFM field staff - Various topics
  • Emanuel Schrock: “River of Life Fellowship” in OH – Various topics
  • Wismith Joseph: Director of “Redeemed Vocational School” – Translator
  • James Augustine: National Bro. – Translator
This team of Brothers will be teaching both seminars, Dec. 17th-20th and Dec. 26th -29th
And so I ask for your prayers in these next two weeks:
· That God’s name and being would be glorified through our efforts.
· For health and safety for all participating and teaching.
· Wisdom as teachers articulate God’s word.
· For all the logistical details to run smoothly (meals, lodging,ect..)
· For good weather with no rain.
· Understanding and Comprehension between teachers and translator as they work together.
· The Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts of us all.

May God's name be magnified in all the earth.

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