Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some of you may know that the mission has a website well  new staff descriptions were being written and here is one written about me. Thought someone may get a laugh as I did. 
Shea Alexander is from deep in the sticks of VA from a little hick town so obscure its not even on the map! He adores his sister Emily who makes his favorite chocolate cake and his mother who gets up early to drink tea and write in her journal or type on her HP Compaq laptop. Shea loves strong drinks like kambucha and Malta H and he likes kefir- I think. He adores the mountains and goes there all the time. Sometimes we even tease him about having a girlfriend there because of the seemingly magnetic draw. But I personally believe its because he feels closer to God surrounded by the purple mountain majesties and the simple mountain people. I think he loves the hard physical hike, and the clean air and the hundreds of tiny gardens spread out over the mountains like a blanket. He comes back with sacks of beans and onions and coffee beans that he sorts and roasts. He loves coffee and will go to great lengths for a cup of good quality brew! Shea can think best when he is either in the mountains or working with wood; its like therapy to him. He makes really nice things out of wood but unfortunately he is often so busy with other stuff he can't do it as much as he'd like. Shea is very opinionated and enjoys nothing better than a lively debate! He gives advice and thought provoking ideas for free which is good because none of us have much money. Shea loves to play his guitar and sing worship songs. He reads when he has time and sporadically writes in his beautiful, leather journal. He likes to write but sometimes he doesn't write for as long as 3 weeks or months at a time and then he writes a lot again. I don't know what he writes about in his journal. Shea is talented in language; he learned kreyol fast and well. In fact he speaks it so well that he's even better than the Haitians and he can argue as fast and loud as anyone! If you heard him talking but didn't see his face you might not even know its a white person. He likes to get up way early in the morning before even the birds are awake and sometimes he doesn't go to bed at all. He loves to go jogging and too rip around at alarming speeds on his pink and white dirt bike!!
Isn't Satire crazy!


  1. WHAT!!! Who wrote this?? They know you too well but not as much as I do. I miss you man!


  2. That is awesome! And so true. Josh W