Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reason is the analytical evaluation of information, bringing a determination or judgment which dictates a course of action upon one of life’s many situations. Thus we say “I have my reasons” or “this is the reason why” somehow we are trying to bring explanation-or even loftier “understanding” into a purely analytical conclusion.

“Because” What could be a more cynical word in our vocabulary than this. When used in reference to the human heart. Man’s heart cannot be bullet pointed, outlined, sub-titled or summarized. It cannot be reasoned.  Its “desperately wicked who can know it.” Though its “thoughts and intents” can only be known by its creator it is the unseen source that inspires the created to love and fulfillment and also drives it too its own demise in this seemingly endless cycle of sin.

But what of grace? God’s natural propensity to redeem that which is broken back to perfect wholeness. That which is misused back to its intended purpose- too worship and adore HIM, the uncreated, holy one- Because He is. Only through the redeeming power of this Grace can the thoughts and intents of this heart begin to be understood and enable me to come to a course of action of lasting value. But this Grace is not subject to reason. In fact it defies reason in all its mortal sense and establishes an immortal benchmark of deity.  

O lord wash me in this grace. Redeem this heart back to its intended purpose.

“The heart has its reasons that reason does not understand” -Blaise Pascal-

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