Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mad dash to the Citadelle

The Citadelle is the largest fortress in the western hemesphere. It was built by Henry Christophe the king of the northern kingdom of Haiti after its independnce won by slave revolt.
Some of you may remember the post from two years ago when we toured the northern part of Haiti on bikes. Then the Citadelle was a two day trip. Well this time it was a one day dash, stopping only to drink and get gas we drove straight there and back. It was 12.5 hours of actual driving time in 19 waking hours spending 3.5 hours at the Citadelle itself.

Zopope wanted to go before school started and Hans was here helping with Eralus's school so with Austin we made a group of four with three bikes.
The Citadelle's aqua duct system

It was outfitted with 365 canons through it never saw battle.

It overlooks the north Atlantic shore and on a clear day you can just see the shore of Cuba some 90 miles away.
 Filled up with gas in Milot and took off for home. About dark we drove into a thunder storm and were battling mud and rain till we got to Hinche at 8:00pm. From there home was good asphalt.
After 430 kilometers we arrived home at 11:30pm.   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A teacher, in more ways than one.

This photograph to many of you is meaningless. And even after I explain you will not be able to grasp the beginning of what it says to me. If I asked, most of you would say it’s a man talking on the phone, something that permeates our world today. But it’s more than that.
This is a photo of a man born in abject poverty in the rural mountains of Haiti. He worked his way through school and became a teacher where most of his people don’t know how to read. From teaching he turned to politics reaching out in every way possible to meet the needs of those he loves, those in need.
In this picture he is pacing in a 25 yard circle of cell service 5000’in the mountains 2.5 hours walk from the nearest road. No he’s not talking to his wife. He is on the job, the job site of a school he is building for the children of the least educated zones of his home and political jurisdiction. The framers are out of 2x4s, he’s calling for more. He’s rolling out the details for three different children to further education in the city, Children in no way related to him just in need. He’s talking to two different UN officials trying to find resources for his people hit by a hurricane the week before. Pacing amidst the noise of hammers and the clatter of tools as the roof of the school takes form so that one more child may have the chance he had. So no this man is not just talking on the phone, this man loves. This man has taught me to love in too many ways to write and his life points me back to Christ my lord, my savior, my friend.