Saturday, July 7, 2012

God needs men

God needs men to climb the mountains.

 God needs men to ford the streams.

Men with fire in their spirits.

Men with empires in their dreams.

Men who move like soldiers, marching.

Men of peace and men of war.

Men who live and die for Jesus.

As our fathers heretofore. 

Men with eyes like steel, and noble.

Men who speak the truth and die.

Men who walk within the furnace.

Ne’er complain nor ask Him why. 

These make fodder for the canon.

These make kindling for the flame.

Men who walk among life’s ashes.

Head erect and heart the same. 

Men who match the tracks of Jesus.

Men who pattern after Paul.

Men who hear the call of duty.

And respond by giving all. 

Men whose conscience can’t be purchased.

Friend indeed when your not there.

When the teeth of foes are gnashing.

You feel twice a millionaire. 

Let me be this man, oh let me.

Qualify from day to day.

Faltering flesh but not immortal.

Face like flint I’m on my way.

-Author unknown-


  1. Wow . . . . God needs these men, our world needs these men, our families need these men. Be all you are for Jesus wherever He has you.


  2. Keep following hard after God! We need men like that.

  3. With a desire like that and a vision that doesn't fail, you will be a man like this! May God give you all you need to be this example to all around you!