Sunday, July 29, 2012

Behold my hands

There he stands hoe in his hands, fresh turned earth beneath his feet.
Callused hands and whetherd face, seamed with scares from what seems like fate.
Praying for rain but not too much, wondering if he’s done enough.
Day is over night has come the songs of life have all been sung.
 Songs of suffering and of pain little ones crying, hunger reins.

Driving through a dark street last night, saw her standing by the side.
Scantly dressed under the light, waiting to be chosen for the night,
eyes of pain and heart so drear, Longing for love but finding fear.
Question of beauty in her soul, afraid to leave, where can she go?

Awake in the dark the suns gone down, the cold floors hard he dare get up.
The sound of what’s called love flows through the wall, He’s six years old, yes that’s all
The stillness broken the white car halts, shots ring out another man falls.
His mom cries herself to sleep, the dads been gone since he was conceived.

Betrayed by a friend life must be cheap, king of glory tried as a thief.
His back in ribbons, the blood flows free, collapsed exhausted, then came the tree.
Three spikes of iron driven deep, there wept His mother at His feet.
And when at last His voice did cry, they said surly the son of God just died.

Peace be unto you don’t fear is what He said when He appeared.
Behold my hands and my feet, it is myself come and see.
The King of glory feels your pain He know the suffering He’s seen the shame.
For all mankind He bleed, He died my Christ my Lord was crucified.




  1. hmmm. thank you big bro!


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Shea.

  3. Hey there from lot bo, This is Matt, just wondering if you could give me a call sometime 218 308 1359. I think we would still like to bring our youth group down in December. Should talk with you's before we start making plans.

  4. Very nice! Thank You for sharing this!!

  5. Wow! The ground looks dark and rich - Is it? - Ralph -