Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No backup plan

This week the word trust has been plaguing me. It has caused me to hold too question the essence of my personal integrity both past and future. But I have to reflect on the fact that my trust in the lord is just as much in question.
Trust does not just appear, it is formed, and it grows and is strengthened only through the exercise of it. Thus my trust in God is only made stronger as I allow that trust to be tried. Now trust coincides with an element of vulnerability. If I decide to drive my car across the country I trust it and thus am vulnerable to it as I do not have another one in tow if it were to break down.
Trust that is pure does not have a backup plan. It places full confidence in that which is being trusted. But how often do I say that I trust God yet devise a plan in case He doesn’t come through in the way or time that I would like Him to. I say that I trust God to provide for me but I have my backup plan in case I don’t get paid this week. Thus my trust is nullified by the absence of vulnerability. I really never trust Him because as soon as it gets uncomfortable I revert to my own plan. I never allow myself to slip from the precipice and fall free from my range of control to allow God to prove his faithfulness. Now I’m not talking about irresponsibility but I’m talking about living our life as to allow our creator to prove Himself faithful as whom He has says He is.       


  1. a comment for you! :)


  2. Just now reading through your posts- this is timely for me. Thanks.

  3. So true, how do we go about doing that? As mennonites we are taught to think ahead, plan ahead, anticipate problems and have a backup plan, is that wrong? Taken too far i know it is, but is it completely?