Sunday, June 24, 2012


Eyes the lenses through which the purpose of life is realized. The dominate focused solely upon the incomprehensible nature of our uncreated father. The lesser fixed on the things at hand, that which currently occupies the expanse of the heart and mind. The near point of visual unity beginning its existence in worshiping that viewed by the dominate through the tangible reality of the lesser. This visual window creates the drive that pushes man to effectiveness and defines his application of reason. And it stretches to the uttermost expanses of our mortal comprehension, the far point of our human understanding.      

Yet these eyes transcend their spiritual roots in the soul and are embodied within spheres of flesh. Windows from the heart and soul of mans inner being, displaying both the inner turmoil of clouded understanding and the brilliant light of awestruck worship to the life giver of the soul, creator God, and Father.

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