Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go ye therefore colonizing all nations making them to be just like you.

What is it about the church that it can’t preach the gospel without tying on all of its own trappings? It says it is presenting truth but in reality it is giving its application of the truth. There are missions that recruit girls to come and teach new national believers how to sew a cape dress and Mennonite covering. Whatever happened to the Holy Spirit? Can we not simply teach of a chaste spirit and modest heart? The church of today spends 80% of its time teaching the youth how to dress, what music to listen to and how to conduct themselves and the other 20% on salvation and the heart of God for mankind. The church sees today’s youth slipping away and so what do they do? They tighten the reins, they start pounding the standards harder. And completely miss the core of Christianity. Why do young people need to go to Bible school or instruction class to learn about justification and Christ’s call to the lost? Are not these to be taught from a little child up? The young people of today are being cheated out of real Christianity. Colonized into a culture or denomination rather than being set on fire with a passion for Christ. Church standards, catechisms and statements of faith are DEAD they do nothing for a lost soul. Only the living word of God can restore a broken life, grant freedom from sin and instill a passionate purpose for life. Jesus gave us three commands; Love God, Love others and teach HIS word. People talk about Buddhism and Hinduism but what about Mennonitism, Brethernism or German Baptistism? Where do you find your identity? Do you find it in your pious religious system? Or do you find it in the words of Jesus Christ?


  1. Amen to that, especially the part of the 80% standards and 20% salvation. It's very sad so many churches are becoming apostate because standards mean more than the blood of Jesus!!

  2. amen. amen. amen. thanks for putting words to the thoughts running around in my head!