Thursday, May 31, 2012


Beauty, all of mankind runs after it. People spend lifetimes trying to capture it on film. Breathe taking sunsets, gorgeous mountain, the heart rending face of a child, all of these things capture man’s heart. It drive people as a cruel master taking them anywhere, everywhere even places they wish they had never gone. Man is consumed with the search of beauty; physical, natural and super-natural.

When one sees a beautiful painting he searches the bottom for a signature; the mark of the artist. Beauty at some point came into existence thus it has a cause; a creator. The artist’s reasons for painting are twofold; to express their inner most being and to receive recognition for whom they are. Is the artist of beauty any different?

Men are made mad in search of a beautiful woman. A woman is held captive in the beautiful eyes of a child. And both alike will face nearing death while mounting mountains simply to behold the splendor that lies at its summit. But man has forgotten beauty is a signpost not a destination. We struggle to obtain that which cannot be had and are blind to the splendors of what will always be. Beauty is a manifestation of the glory and magnificence of God; nature part of His creativity, the human body created in His likeness. Yet man worships the created and seeks to no avail to consume it upon his lust, denying the creator of His due worship.        

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