Monday, March 12, 2012

Raw Existence

The other day someone gave me a Dove Chocolate. I was appreciative and promptly opened it to find this written inside; Sleep in late tomorrow. I stopped, reread it and came to boil inside. Why? I asked; should I lie in bed when I have the privilege and ability to not. I was not sick or under rested. So why should I let the current of the desires of this physical body pull me along when I have the choice to swim forward? Why should I merely exist when I can thrive? The man of today no longer looks at what can be attained but what can be indulged in. anyone can cast themselves to the wind and whim of desire yet only one of strength can chose to gain, to press on to a new level.
A tree that is not pollinated will never produce. Though it soaks in the rain, draws on the soil and basks in the sun it never fulfils its purpose. Are we not the same? Though we take part of all the joys and pleasures of this world all is yet vanity if we do not experience it in the fullness of purpose. God did not create us to exist. But to be pollinated through His love and forgiveness In order that we could produce in the fullness of His will. So why do we (Christians) allow ourselves to simply continue being in raw existence? Have we not been enabled to produce, to press on and fight the fight; to run the race?