Saturday, January 21, 2012


So how do you feel about….? How often do you hear this question? It’s not “want do you think?” But “What do you feel?” Our country has rapidly become a feeling based society. We go to church when we feel like it, we eat when we feel like it, and we love our wife only when we feel like it. Fact seems to no longer hold validity in our minds. We don’t care if we need to eat or if what we eat is good for our body we just do what feels good.
I’m sure glad Christ didn’t operate in these perimeters. He sure didn’t feel like being crucified (He actually asked to get out of it). I think if we did a lot less feeling and a bit more thinking then a lot of the problems we deal with today would never arrive. Teenage pregnancies would be almost nonexistent if someone would do some thinking before they do some feeling. Love is not a feeling, but a decision and attribute of the heart despite its physical surroundings. Godly character never started with feelings but with discipline of the mind. Great accomplishment were never felt but were the will of the mind to succeed over the contrary feelings of the body. If the mind and soul of man is to see a vision made reality then the imprisoning limitations of our feelings have to be filtered through our end goal. Not our destiny determined by the whim of what feels good now.


  1. Shea,

    I love reading your blog posts, they are always well written and thought through.

    God bless your day brother!

  2. You sure hit the nail on the head! thanks for the reminder of truth!