Saturday, January 21, 2012


So how do you feel about….? How often do you hear this question? It’s not “want do you think?” But “What do you feel?” Our country has rapidly become a feeling based society. We go to church when we feel like it, we eat when we feel like it, and we love our wife only when we feel like it. Fact seems to no longer hold validity in our minds. We don’t care if we need to eat or if what we eat is good for our body we just do what feels good.
I’m sure glad Christ didn’t operate in these perimeters. He sure didn’t feel like being crucified (He actually asked to get out of it). I think if we did a lot less feeling and a bit more thinking then a lot of the problems we deal with today would never arrive. Teenage pregnancies would be almost nonexistent if someone would do some thinking before they do some feeling. Love is not a feeling, but a decision and attribute of the heart despite its physical surroundings. Godly character never started with feelings but with discipline of the mind. Great accomplishment were never felt but were the will of the mind to succeed over the contrary feelings of the body. If the mind and soul of man is to see a vision made reality then the imprisoning limitations of our feelings have to be filtered through our end goal. Not our destiny determined by the whim of what feels good now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Jesus loves you fat"

This is the front of a business card sized tract that was being handed out by some newly arrived visitors (missionaries) here in Haiti. It has been printed in Haitian kreyĆ²l with the intended meaning of saying "Jesus loves you very much" but in actuality it says "Jesus loves you fat".
The reverse side of the card is even more embarrassing, quoting Romans 10:9 its deplorable grammar and mixed French explains how, "If we believe in our hearts that God gave Jesus a pay raise when He rose from the dead we will be saved".

I hope this makes you think about the importance of being prepared when taking the gospel across cultural and language barriers. Not that it should scare anyone from that work but it should motivate us to apply ourselves not only scholarly but in all practical aspects as well.

Just imagine for a minute a missionary coming into a people group of overweight people worshiping obesity because they think it will draw them closer to God. Kind of absurd? That's how fragile the word of God is in our ignorant hands. May we ever seek His wisdom and may we daily pray for those of us who are actively working to reach an "Unreached" people with the story of God's great love. And may we never look in disdain upon those who labor many seemingly "unfruitful" years in the field before presenting God's truth.