Saturday, December 17, 2011

Okay maybe I should re-post to clarify. I’m not a bitter single that thinks all marriages are bondage and make it so people cannot serve God. It is just that I see many couples today that fall under the last post.
If marriage was supposed to hinder our service to our Lord then it would not be designed of God. But the problem is that age old thing called our flesh. Its ridiculous how many guys I talk to that are just concerned about whether they get a “hot” girl. If marriage was only about exercising our sexuality then fidelity would not be a necessary attribute, thus manifesting what we see in our world today.
The problem is we try to define marriage through what we feel, instead of through God Himself. Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church. Christ loves and protects His church so that it would in turn love and respect Him for who He is. The power and love of God combined with the physical presence of the Church on earth work together to bring worship to God the Father. This is a picture of marriage in humanity. Two hearts, dreams and visions combined to propel both lives further than they could have gone on their own.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just some thoughts

Marriage is a funny thing. There are so many couples that that though they have a great love for each other, there is a disconnect of purpose. One hinders the other from fulfilling their hearts calling thus making both ineffective. Yes there is “love” in the mortal sense but not necessarily a unity of purpose, in a huge way they have not “made one flesh”. The husband lets go of his dreams to please his wife and the wife lets go of her desires in order to please her husband. Thus both meet at an equilibrium of contentment only to never see their potential dreams become a reality but to move on to a stage of monotony in life. Two hearts filled with dreams, two lives with callings from God unite in holy matrimony only to never unite callings and pursue them to the end. Maybe it’s because these callings are not made known before marriage or they simply had not yet formed. This is just an observation that strikes me, I have heard it many times “I would but I have a wife to look after” or “Maybe if I wasn’t married” I seem to see this a lot (or maybe I just notice it more than others) it’s not really regret but more of a restriction. Now I am speaking in light of cross cultural missions but it seems to show up in other things as well. Can there be two human lives completely united in purpose?
Please excuse my cynical way of thinking but it just strikes me funny. This is definitly not true for all couples. And its not like I know much on the subject but it just some things to reflect upon.