Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boulanjri (Bakery)

I spent last eavning helping some friends from church in there bakery. They sell bread 24/7 so they start mixing dough around 8:00pm and finish baking around 1:00am.

After the dough is mixed in a large drum it is run through a moulen (press, grinder) until it becomes stiff with a plastic like sheen.

Me and Sonson passing dough.

Wisky feeding the dough.

When finished it is layed out to cut, roll and layed out to rise.

After rising it is baked in a gas oven, put in large baskets and coverd till sold.

This bakery is family run by a widow from our churches children. It was started by her oldest daughter Octalia and husband but six of the eight siblings come and work every night.


  1. Hi Shea! So cool to see how the bread I bought was made! I'd love to do that next time I come! Miss you and love you a lot!!!

    Your lil sis

  2. Hey Shea, good to see what you do in Haiti!!:)
    A great way to build relationships!

  3. so cool... i need to get down there and watch some evening! its so good!

  4. Thanks for posting, Shea! The bread down there is sooo good, and it's neat to see how they make it.

  5. An Anonymous Friend Who Wishes You to Acknowlede the Truth :)September 6, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Hello dear blogger friend. Your blog is entitled, "reflections of things gone by". Has nothing "gone by" in your life? Have you had no experiences? No intriguing adventures? No exciting conversations? No ponderous thoughts? No joys or sorrows? Am I sounding like Linus from a Peanuts comic yet? You get the picture, I believe. Though you don't have the picture, obviously, because you haven't posted since . . . . yes, July 3rd. I do not mean for this to be at all offensive. I just intend it to be a poke (you determine whether soft or piercing) in the direction of a new post. I hope I can read it soon!

    Your faithful blog follower, relative, and dear friend! (Guess who!)