Friday, May 13, 2011

Mountains beyond mountains.

Ever since I can remember mountains have captured my heart. There beauty, there strength, there sense of security. Yet that which has impressed upon me the most is the overwhelming wonder of when one has reached the top. To look back at all that has been endured to arrive and to gaze forward at all that which has yet to be overcome. Upon gaining one mountain top you are quickly made known of the many more to come. When climbing there is a struggle, the pain and fatigue of your body pleading you to stop to take a rest. And the desire to arrive, the goal; mingled with shear willpower pushing you on from within.
In times of depression and discouragement my hearts often turns to the mountains finding encouragement in this mighty wonder of our God. Yet what I often don’t consider is the parallel between God enchanting mountains of this earth and the grueling mountains of life. Each discouragement in life is just another mountain. Each problem that life drops in our path is just another one to be overcome. And that upon arriving you can look back through all that you have come and gaze on ahead to that which is yet to be overcome. And though our flesh wants to drag us down, through Christ we can push on, ever climbing pressing onward pushing every hindrance aside that we might receive the prize.

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  1. I love your first sentence...and the Haitian proverb. Bless you!