Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rebuilding Underway

Our earthquake housing project has begun.

Haitian boss mixing cement.
And laying the stone foundations.

After many months in obtaining the land we have begun laying foundations for 14 duplexes. We are employing Haitian boss to lay the stone foundations and pour a cap to get ready for the block. Also once the block is layed they will smooth the block walls inside and out. But in the mean time we are looking for American work teams who want to help in rebuilding for : laying block, pouring floors, framing roofs and painting.

The duplexes are 28'x22' divided in the middle giving each family a porch with two 10'x11' rooms, coverd with a metal roof.

If you have a team that wants to come. You can contact: International Faith Missions at Or if you are interested in helping but cant come on a team or construction is not your cup tea. Please consider employing a competent Haitian boss at $125 USD a week to lay block for you.

We praise God for enabling us to help in this way. And we thank all those who have donated to make it posible.

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