Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip to Cap Haitian

About three monthes ago three of us guys (Clit, Ray and myself) decided that since we had never been to Cap. Haitian We wanted to take a week and go, on motorcycles. We had heard many stories of how bad the roads are and how different the creole was so off we went.

Above is a map of the rout we took. Four days, 712 KM and five gallons of gas each. No plans just going to see the country.

Day 1: 185KM. Towns: Mirebalas, Thomonde, Hinche, Pigon, Saint Raphael.
Day 2: 65KM. Towns: Dondon, Grand Rivier, Cap. Haitian.
Day 3: 137KM. Towns: Caracol, Terrier Rouge, Fort Liberte, Ouanaminthe.
Day 4: 325KM. Towns: Limbe, Gonaives, St.Marc.

A mountain lake in Thomonde. The other end of this lake holds a hydroelectric Dam which supplies a part of Haiti's power grid.

The rice plains between Gonaives and St. Marc.

Fixing our first and only flat tire (praise the Lord).

A view of the Citadel 5 or so KM away. The Citadel is a fort built in 1806 as a protection against the possibility of future colonist invasions of Haiti.

A view of inside one of the Citadel's courtyards.

The green and fruitful mountains of the north were a real refreshment compared to the barren and sunburned mountains of Fond Parisien.

These mountains stand rugged and firm but sadly in many places are only the skeleton telling us of what once was. The beauty of my God's creation can not be described with words or captured in a photo but only beheld with our eyes taking away our breath and declaring the might and love of He whom we serve.


  1. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are beautiful.

  2. Haiti is beautiful!


  3. Nice to see you in one of the photos! Looks like you had a good time. We miss you. DREW