Friday, September 17, 2010

Eske ou remen Ayiti?

This is a question that I have gotten asked quite a lot. "Do you like/love Haiti?." Its one of those questions that I never knew quite how to answer. And many times would answer by asking in what sense there asking it (People, landscape, Government, ect....) only to be replied with "everything together". Then for me to rattle on trying to say in a nice way that there is some things that I like and many that I don't.
But after many times of answering this question I have to ask myself "What kind of question is that". In our human reasoning its a very good question. If you don't like were your at them thus your not happy, commitment is minimum and your performance is poor. But for me, since when is what I like supposed to effect any of that anyway? I as a child of God, having tasted of the peace and fulfillment of being in His will can not help but want to stay there.
If I live in Africa with God wanting me to be in New York all true purpose and joy is lost. Or if I am a preacher with God wanting me helping my father on his farm. True happiness will not be found. Nothing else but being a living part of God's vision will bring true fulfillment.
Now don't get me wrong there is those places and things that have a hold on our hearts. There is nothing like hiking up the Blue ridge before a the smallest hint of day and watching the forest come alive with each new ray of sunshine. Or living in a remote area were silence is king and peace and quite is easily indulged apone. But how much do we let those things (whatever they are) direct our lives.
How many of us Christians today seek the best location for our houses, choose the church that suites our taste, or the job that we enjoy the most (or brings the most money) . Without ever really seeking to know what God wants for our lives. Or worse yet, knowing God's will but yet trying to suppress it because it just looks to uncomfortable. In Matthew chapter 10 Christ said " He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it". But when does this actually come into play in our Christian lives. We say that our lives are wholly Christ's yet we are always seeking that which brings us this counterfeit pleasure. Just a temporary buzz until off we go seeking the next thing that we think will make us happy. But the truth of the matter is that true fulfillment can only be found in the laying down of our life. Anywhere there is a true gain there is a true sacrifice. Just as Christ sacrificed His life for us to gain a right relationship with Him, so we must sacrifice our life in order to gain completeness in His will.
In this life we see people that have almost nothing and yet have a joy that seems to just overflow. Or those that have an abundance and are truly content. But the cause of true Happiness is not in the abundance or lack of possessions but in being in the place God desires you to fill.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip to Cap Haitian

About three monthes ago three of us guys (Clit, Ray and myself) decided that since we had never been to Cap. Haitian We wanted to take a week and go, on motorcycles. We had heard many stories of how bad the roads are and how different the creole was so off we went.

Above is a map of the rout we took. Four days, 712 KM and five gallons of gas each. No plans just going to see the country.

Day 1: 185KM. Towns: Mirebalas, Thomonde, Hinche, Pigon, Saint Raphael.
Day 2: 65KM. Towns: Dondon, Grand Rivier, Cap. Haitian.
Day 3: 137KM. Towns: Caracol, Terrier Rouge, Fort Liberte, Ouanaminthe.
Day 4: 325KM. Towns: Limbe, Gonaives, St.Marc.

A mountain lake in Thomonde. The other end of this lake holds a hydroelectric Dam which supplies a part of Haiti's power grid.

The rice plains between Gonaives and St. Marc.

Fixing our first and only flat tire (praise the Lord).

A view of the Citadel 5 or so KM away. The Citadel is a fort built in 1806 as a protection against the possibility of future colonist invasions of Haiti.

A view of inside one of the Citadel's courtyards.

The green and fruitful mountains of the north were a real refreshment compared to the barren and sunburned mountains of Fond Parisien.

These mountains stand rugged and firm but sadly in many places are only the skeleton telling us of what once was. The beauty of my God's creation can not be described with words or captured in a photo but only beheld with our eyes taking away our breath and declaring the might and love of He whom we serve.