Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creed or Christ?

Something has begun to disturb me. It started after I heard a fellow missionary say "He has left us, lets pray that he will come back". Now the context that this was said in is this; He was once a part of the church and now he is not. He is backsliding, gone astray or however you want to phrase it. But this brings to my mind a question. What is it that makes you "a part"? In this situation "He" had begun an improper relationship with a woman outside of marriage. So does that mean that as long as he doesn't do that than he is "a part"? I'm afraid not. I've had people ask me questions like "can a guy have two girlfriends and still be a Christian?" or "can you make bets at cock fights and still be a christian?". And to many times we direct them to "our creed" and don't hear the real question. Because what there really asking is; how much can I do and still be a part? How much can I do and not break my relationship with "?". So who is this relationship with "the creed", with the social group within our church or Christ. Because what they should be asking is "If I do this how will it effect my relationship with Christ?". Because what do we do? We tell people they are a sinner, we bring them into "our" church, teach them "our" Creed, make them walk like us, talk like us and then everything is good. Right? No. People say things like "they were so close". Close to what? A part of what? "Our creed" or Christ? Because Christianity is not about; whether your a Mennonite or a baptist or what you cant do if you want to go to heaven. Its about an active growing relationship with Christ, its about knowing Christ.
Christ did not tell us "make more people that put those little white things on there head" or "Make more people that were ties and tithe 15%". He said "feed my sheep" He said "make disciples"(of Christ). So next time you find yourself in one of these situations I challenge you to ask yourself. Am I making someone a good follower of my creed? or am I leading them to the well of living water, Jesus Christ. And I challenge you to ask yourself are you following a creed or are your following Christ?


  1. Amen, Shea. It does my heart good to hear you speak such things.

  2. very insightful comments. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wonderful post, Shea. I wish more saw as clearly as you.