Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to pine forest

This Saturday several of us took a trip too the mountains to distribute donated clothes that were just a bit too warm for people in town. We had around twenty boxes or so and four Churches as drop off points.
Since we were going so far up the mountain already we decided to go to Pine Forrest. Pine Forrest is one of the only places in Haiti that is not deforested. It makes you dream of what the country looked like 150 years ago.

So on we went. By the first church we had our first flat tire. And unfortunately it was not fixable so on went the spare. The next two stops went smooth but after leaving the last church it was obvious that another tire had a leak. But as we neared the end of the trail to the main road we realized we had a bigger problem. The main pressurized fuel line busted.

So off went the tire and Mike left with it to find a moto to Pine Forrest to have it fixed while Ray Clint and I went about fixing the fuel line (Thank the lord for Leathermans). Well after robing a radiator hose (will see how long that last as a gas line) and Mike coming back with the tire. off we went to Pine Forrest. I cant say much about Pine Forrest except it was like I was in a different world. Clean air lots of trees and agriculture that I had never seen before. It just made me see again how great God is. Well to make a long storey short after leaving Pine Forrest and stopping to repair our fuel line several times we made it safely back to the mission just in time for supper (God is good).

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